Do It Yourself

The Best Way To Purify Water

Water - one of the things you need in order to live. Drinking it is one of the most obvious uses, but apart from the obvious, you will also need water in order to tend to animals and to grow plants...water is a far-reaching neccesity of all life in this world. Most of the world's… Continue reading The Best Way To Purify Water

Armour, Self-Defence

Full-Body Battle Armour

This is a work-in-progress and even though it is almost complete, we decided to share our design with you. This body armour is slash and stab proof and it will also protect against small arms fire such as handguns and rifle fire up to 7.62mm. All the pieces were individually tailor-made including the headgear. As… Continue reading Full-Body Battle Armour

Medicine and First-Aid

Grow Your Own Penicillin

Penicillin – the one kind of antibiotic that everyone knows. It comes in many different sub-forms and can be administered orally, via injection and applied externally for many diseases and infections. This blog post will not concern penicillin that can be bought at a pharmacy, but rather penicillin that you can cultivate yourself in case… Continue reading Grow Your Own Penicillin

The Crossbow, Weapons

The Crossbow: Silent Killer

  When you need a primary ranged weapon for defence or offence, hunting etc, most Westerners would jump for a rifle or a sidearm, however this is a grave mistake. Why? The gun is in fact not a silent weapon, even if it is surpressed or silenced. The silencer or surpressor only serves to lessen… Continue reading The Crossbow: Silent Killer