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The Best Way To Purify Water

Water - one of the things you need in order to live. Drinking it is one of the most obvious uses, but apart from the obvious, you will also need water in order to tend to animals and to grow plants...water is a far-reaching neccesity of all life in this world. Most of the world's… Continue reading The Best Way To Purify Water

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Explosives: Grenades & Mines

Explosives can be used in the following ways: Weaponised or demolition. In this short manuscript we will instruct you on how to make weapons grade explosives. But first, let’s look at the mechanics of an explosive device such as a mine or a grenade. You may view the explosive force within a device (when triggered)… Continue reading Explosives: Grenades & Mines

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Stealth Body Armour MK 1 With modern advancement in weapons, it would stand to reason that the various governments would have developed protective gear in the form of body armour to defend against ballistic onslaught. The United States of America, for instance, boasts top of the range body armour which protects its troops…the contrary would be suggested when counting… Continue reading Stealth Body Armour MK 1

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Stealth Dagger Mk.1

We may boast a variety of blades that we use personally, and recently we were looking for the perfect dagger (as we have discussed in a previous post). Needless to say, the “perfect daggers” available commercially to the public tends to get very expensive and they tend to lack certain key elements. In our frustration,… Continue reading Stealth Dagger Mk.1

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The Bud Spencer: Cigarette Filter Napalm

This is a simple yet effective method to create an excellent fuel which is very much similar to napalm. It ignites fast and burns quite long. You will see that we have listed varying ingredients, as a few of them can be substituted – if you cannot find one, then use another. We always like… Continue reading The Bud Spencer: Cigarette Filter Napalm

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Self-Igniting Fuel

This method is a self-igniting fuel which is very volatile when the two parts are combined. At first it may not seem like it’s doing anything, but don’t be fooled at this! Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5 You Will Need: - Potassium Permanganate – found at pharmacies. - Glycerine – convenience stores or pharmacies.… Continue reading Self-Igniting Fuel

Do It Yourself, Fire-Starting Material

Make Your Own Waterproof Matches

The good old waterproof match - the use is in the name. Soon, we will be posting a tutorial on how to make strike anywhere matches, and we will also apply the waterproofing to them. We will present two different methods of waterproofing matches: the wax method and the nail polish method. Both wax and… Continue reading Make Your Own Waterproof Matches