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The Best Way To Purify Water


Water – one of the things you need in order to live. Drinking it is one of the most obvious uses, but apart from the obvious, you will also need water in order to tend to animals and to grow plants…water is a far-reaching neccesity of all life in this world. Most of the world’s population has access to clean drinking water, but even today, with society still up and running, a lot of people globally has no access to clean drinking water due to useless governments and war-torn countries. Needless to say, knowing how to obtain clean drinking water for you and yours should be one of the very first things you should know in this unstable world we live in. If you think there’s no need to know any of this because you live without need for clean water – think again: governments become unstable, society wavers, war looms, climates are changing…the world is on the brink of many disasters which may not have global consequences, but local consequences, which would effect many people greatly.

For some of you, your first idea to purify water would be to make use of various tablets or liquids to add to your water – however these tablets are not universal…some of them have waiting times of 6 hours before you can drink the water, some of them only removes bacteria, others only remove parasites…but none of them removes all dangers from water – look it up. Now, for sake of arguement, say you need not worry about bacteria, viruses or parasites…you should still keep in mind that this isn’t the only things that can infest water. Chemicals, radiation and other such things can easily make water unusable, not just to people but to animals and plants as well! The various machines and contraptions that can purify water completely from bacteria, fungi, virusses, parasites, chemical agents and radiation contamination costs half a fortune, and let’s face it – the majority of the world’s population simply cannot afford something like this. By the way, this very fact angers us greatly – that the tools commercially produced that are most effective for survival, tends to be so expensive, that no normal person can afford it – let the wealthy live and the normal and poor people die out?

In this post we will not tell you on where to get water (we will write about this seperately) – in this post we will instead give you a foolproof method on how to purify water that will be completely safe from any biological contaminants (bacteria, virusses, fungi, parasites) and also chemical and nuclear contaminants – that you can use for personal consumption, to give to animals and livestock and also for plants. How much will this cost you? Well, in all honesty, when we tested this method, we didn’t even spend a single cent! This being said, soon after posting this, we will be educating people locally on how to purify water using this method…and we ask you to share this post so that people can educate themselves on survival.

This method is composed out of two steps. The first step will remove any biological contaminants, and the second step will remove chemical and nuclear contaminants. Firstly though, a word of caution. If a chemical or nuclear weapon or device has been detonated or released in your area – firstly, you shouldn’t even still be there…and secondly, we would suggest that you don’t try to purify water that has been contaminated to that degree as we are unsure if this method will handle it. Let’s start!

Step One


After you have gathered water, you will need a heat source (such as a fire) and a container that will not be effected by direct heat (such as a pot, a tin can etc). Light the fire and place the water in the container on top of the fire. Now, let it boil properly for at least an hour. No biological organism can withstand this – fact. Why boil it for an hour? Because some parasites are very tough, and an hour is a safe time, as everything harmful will definately be destroyed.

We remember that we were taught that you should boil unsafe water since when we were kids and it is also taught in the military. Don’t underestimate this!

Step Two


Now you are going to make something called “activated charcoal” or “activated carbon”. This filters out and purifies the water from any harmful chemical, nuclear and even biological contaminants. It can also be used to purify air (such as in filtration systems, but more on this some other time). Activated carbon (carbon is charcoal by the way) is also used in the medical field to absorb poison in a patient’s system. This step takes a bit more work to prepare, however it is worth it. Do this preferably before you actually need it – manufacture this in bulk.

  • Make charcoal or collect charcoal. To make charcoal, dig a pit and build a fire over the pit. Use a lot of wood or fibrous plant material. Once the wood turns black and crumbles – you have charcoal. Let this cool down and transfer it to a container. Rinse it with some water (you can use boiled water) to remove any ash etc from the charcoal. Drain it.
  • Next, you will need to make the charcoal more fine. You can use a mortar and pestle, or more realistically, just crush and grind it with a rock until it becomes a powdery gravel.
  • Let the charcoal air dry completely. (Unless you have collected charcoal instead). When the charcoal is dry, place it in a metallic container such a pot or can. Set aside.
  • Now you will need either calcium choride, bleach or lemon juice/citric acid. Mix either one of the three in a one part to three parts ratio with water (one part chemical, three parts water) and pour this over the charcoal. The liquid mixture must be enough to cover the charcoal completely…as in the charcoal must be submerged in it. As you add the mixture, stir the charcoal. It will start to form a paste-like substance.
  • Cover the charcoal paste in the container and leave it for 24 hours. After this time period, the charcoal should be wet but not soaking wet.
  • Take the charcoal in the metal container and place it on a fire. “Cook” it for three hours at a temperature that is hot enough to boil water. This “activates” the charcoal. In essence, it creates a chemical reaction that bind to the molecules in the charcoal that makes it absorb more than it usually would.
  • Now that you have activated charcoal, you can place it in a clean cloth, coffee filter, clean sock etc and pour the water from Step One over it and let it filter through. The water that you will get from this will be completely pure and drinkable.

You can also just pour the water through the activated charcoal without boiling it – although we recommend boiling the water first.

Please note that the activated charcoal will lose it’s potency after a while, so be sure to replace it often!

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