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Stealth Body Armour MK 1

With modern advancement in weapons, it would stand to reason that the various governments would have developed protective gear in the form of body armour to defend against ballistic onslaught. The United States of America, for instance, boasts top of the range body armour which protects its troops…the contrary would be suggested when counting the dead soldiers sporting the American flag…in the Middle East. The clear majority of these soldiers where killed by enemy rifle fire. It is a sad fact that so many soldiers rush to the field without proper equipment only to become victims of their governments’ callous neglect.

The truth is reader, the armour plates provided to soldiers are simply inadequate protection against 7.62 mm rounds, as the velocity and power behind such a round will cut through a steel plate like a hot knife through butter. Kevlar is useless against high calibre bullets and will never hold up against a 5mm / 5.56 or even a 7.62 mm rifle bullet.

Another presumptuous notion is that Kevlar 10-20 layers can protect against shrapnel – this is such absolute bullshit! Who thinks up this shit…? Oh yea! The governments! If the shrapnel doesn’t rip you apart, the shockwave will liquify your innards – hell, it will atomise your ass if you are in direct vicinity of it! Nonetheless, modern military grade body armour does not work!

If you have not seen the results of a firefight, you cannot comprehend the devastation! Forget Hollywood movies and computer games, real life is visceral, and a split second separates you from life and death.

We at By Stealth have decided, through experience and know how, to fashion body armour that will withstand melee attacks and projectile weapons – such as hunting crossbows, bows etc…but instead of stopping there, we took it one step further. We decided to test it on a .22 calibre bullet that travels at 1800 feet per second…that’s 10 times the speed required to inflict fatal damage upon a human body, so yes, this is overkill…after all it is a bullet, designed to do just that!

Here is how we made this ballistic plate:

• Steel putty formed into a tile-flatten it to precisely 0.5mm. Let this dry.
• Add double layers of steel wool on either side of the putty tile.
• Cover this with two layers of high quality duct tape (Containing reinforced fibres)
• And that’s it.

The hardware required in making this will be inexpensive, you may purchase the Steel Putty and Duct Tape at your local hardware store. The steel wool may be purchased there as well or at a supermarket etc.

In our opinion, this material is much more effective than standard Kevlar, as unlike Kevlar it absorbs and distributes the blunt force of the projectile, thus leaving less injury to the individual. Secondly, Kevlar in South Africa (ballistic grade) is quite expensive and does not give you value for money. We can assure you with slight adjustment to the thickness of the putty plate and by adding a few more layers of steel wool, this body armour will stop even 9mm parabellum rounds. It is dumbfounding when you must consider that such trivial every day items can be literal life savers…but then again, we at By Stealth, will deliver to you the public authentic tried and tested information that will withstand the test of time, survival and conflict!


Do not discharge a firearm in public – it is illegal and dangerous. Go to your nearest shooting or combat range and follow the needed precautions. Use this product at your own risk, we will not be held responsible for the unlawful use of this Ballistic Material, nor will we be held responsible for the negligent use of this ballistic material. The demonstration of this ballistic test was performed at an undisclosed secure location…use your own discretion as well.

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