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Stealth Dagger Mk.1

Dagger CompleteWe may boast a variety of blades that we use personally, and recently we were looking for the perfect dagger (as we have discussed in a previous post). Needless to say, the “perfect daggers” available commercially to the public tends to get very expensive and they tend to lack certain key elements. In our frustration, we instead decided to make our own daggers.

First, we must clarify something. This is not the first blade we have made ourselves, nor is it the first dagger. However, this dagger can be easily concealed and is very light. Daggers are not for hacking off limbs or for doing DIY work, this is a weapon and is meant for killing – it needs only go through skin, flesh and perhaps bone. You do not need forging experience to make a dagger like this, or any weapon for that matter. All of the weapons and blades we have made ourselves have withstood against all the trials we set them up against – and as we always say – if you make your own weapon, you can trust it if you have made it well.

To make a dagger, you will need:

– A good steel file, preferably from high carbon steel.
– An angle grinder.
– Two variants of sanding disks, medium and fine.
– Handle material.
– A ruler and pencil.
– And of course, good hand and eye co-ordination.

Dagger Materials and Example (1)

Step 1:
Mark your design on the file using the ruler and pencil.

Step 2:
Grind off the parts of the metal you will not be using at the front of the file, making use of either a cutting disk or the medium sanding disk. (Be patient, this takes time.)

Step 3:
Shape the file/blade using the medium disk. This includes removing the roughness of the file on either side – lest your dagger becomes stuck within the object. Also, during this step, add your edge. Make sure to keep the angle the same on either side.

Step 4:
Use the fine sanding disk to remove any uneven bumps etc and for finishing work.

Step 5:
Add your handle. We used steel putty as this is extremely hard and durable, yet not as heavy as wood or metal. Shape the handle to fit your hand properly. When dry, you can sand it to shape it and smooth it further.

Dagger Handle Shaping.JPG

Step 6:
Now sharpen your blade with a whetstone/sharpening stone.

Step 7:
Your weapon is ready for use!

We made a small video to showcase our dagger (on the By Stealth Facebook page here) however we did not sharpen the blade of the dagger – the cutting edge it carries is directly after shaping the blade with the angle grinder. We have tested it on a banana tree. For those of you who think that a banana tree is not a good analog for this test, think again…see screenshots of the density between banana tree fiber and human flesh below. For those of you who may complain that we did not heat treat etc the blade at all – well you idiots, it’s because the blade has already been tempered in factory, as it’s a steel file, so we will not temper a blade that has already been tempered, it’s pointless.

Is there any weapons you want to see us make? (Within reason of course.) Have you tried to make your own dagger by these instructions? Either way – we welcome any feedback and opinions on this. As a final tip for finishing up your blade, use a mixture of baking soda and oil to form a thick paste, then spread it on your blade and use a cloth to polish it. You can also do this with the handle, just change the oil for water.


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