Psychology of Survival, Self-Defence

By Guts and Guile

We’re going to address something which is not discussed very often concerning survival and combat – the victim mentality, age and gender. It may not be spoken of a lot, however we believe it needs to be said…listen carefully:


Many people think because they are a bit older and not young anymore, or because they are still young, or because they are a female they cannot defend themselves or survive. This is bullshit. You may not like to hear this, but these thoughts are the thoughts of a victim…hence “the victim mentality”. There are two kinds of people in this world: victims and predators. This can be compared to animals…the prey and the predators. If you think like a victim, you thus become a victim and other people will pick up on this. If you think so lowly of yourself, then you WILL become a victim…not because you are one, but because you allow yourself to be one!

No gender is superior over another – you can get attacked or killed by a female just as easily as by a male…and age? Well, to put this simply, people have been killed by children before because of underestimation and the elderly likewise. Never underestimate your opponent, yet at the same time, never underestimate yourself.

To survive, to defend yourself, all you need is the WILL to live and the WILL to survive! Even people with no training on anything and no knowledge on survival can, will and have survived over the ages. As we stated in an earlier post, never underestimate the power of self-preservation.

But then, if all you need is the will to survive, then why prepare yourself for anything? Quite simple really: rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. This doesn’t just count for physical items, but knowledge as well. If you have nothing and know nothing of survival, you can still survive – it will just be an extremely big learning curve, and prevention is better than cure.

This being said, the reverse must also be considered: do not…we repeat DO NOT think even for a moment that you are invincible and immortal. You bleed just as easily as anyone else, and even if you have decades of training and experience, you could be outwitted and sent to your grave by someone who lacks the skills and experience, but has…the will to live. Do not make the mistake of arrogance.

Know that you are not a victim, yet also know that you are mortal. Know your limits, and overcome those limits by training either your body or your mind. What you lack, supplement with what you know well.

As an afterthought – if you are one of those people who judges and underestimates others due to their age or gender…we highly recommend you look at history as there is nothing new under the sun. If you keep on sitting on the high horse of your ego, you will undoubtedly get killed by those very people you underestimate.

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