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The Crossbow: Silent Killer


Crossbow 3
We added some upgrades to our standard crossbows.
Crossbow 2
Standard Cobra 80lb pistol crossbow by Man Kung

When you need a primary ranged weapon for defence or offence, hunting etc, most Westerners would jump for a rifle or a sidearm, however this is a grave mistake. Why? The gun is in fact not a silent weapon, even if it is surpressed or silenced. The silencer or surpressor only serves to lessen the muzzle flash of a rifle and pistol and does not make the firearm silent – well notably at least, however in cases of smaller calibre, such as the .22LR and .22 it makes a more significant difference. We will gladly provide you evidence of this statement if requested. When your enemy is made aware that you are in possession of a firearm, he/she will want to take it from you with force, irrelevant of the risk. Even if risk is involved, your adversary can return in greater numbers and overwealm you irrelevant of your security, perimeter defence and firepower – make no mistake of this. Sure, in an ideal world where society still functions and law stil governs, a firearm would be handy for home defence! However in a event where you WILL be vastly outnumbered, no amount of ammunition or weaponry will save your sorry fat ass! What you lack, you will need to obtain: Guile and Logic.

By stealth alone will you defeat and destroy your adversary. Yes, that means it’s time for a wakeup call! Life is not a movie or a videogame where the lone hero marches into the fray and defeats all enemies with an L.M.G (light machine gun) – it simply doesn’t work like that as YOU WILL GET YOUR ASS KILLED! We want you to remember this: You can die just as easily as your enemy. In the first year when SHTF, all law enforcement and ground troops would either be dead or have deserted their respective posts…every man for himself as the saying goes! You must never forget about human nature for this is set in stone: Self-preservation. So after your government, god and hope has abandoned you, what will you do next? Perhaps you thought about raiding your local gunshop? Others had the same idea….what’s next? Police stations? Military installations? Security offices? Well golly old buck, others already thought of that as well! What your local gunsmith won’t tell you is this: Even bullets have “expiration dates”. Yup this means that the casing, projectile/wad, powder etc can become degraded over time and even through environmental changes! Now you’re a bit educated….somewhat. And let’s not forget gun replacement parts…remember, no more gunsmiths, no more bullets! Don’t be an ankle grabber, think tacticly.

So, what would be the most appropriate weapon in this regard? Except for your mind, we would highly suggest a crossbow. Let’s face the facts: There is nothing more intimidating than a stealth weapon being used by a marksman. To maintain a crossbow is simple and easy, the replacement parts you can make yourself – yes, even the bolts. It doesn’t matter what brand or make of crossbow you have, you should be very thankful to the ancient Chinese for inventing this remarkable weapon. Once the bolt is released it flies through the air quicker than the eye can perceive, and finds it’s mark with deadly accuracy and force. Sure you get different draw strengths of crossbows, so we would suggest nothing less than 80 pounds. Crossbows in general are divided between two classes: “Pistol” and “Rifle”. The major difference between the two (depending on the draw strength) is that the pistol crossbow can be reloaded and fired much faster, whereas the rifle crossbow has a bit more range. But if you change your aim on the “Pistol” slightly, you will reach your target with deadly accuracy. It all depends on the wind factor, elevation etc, which you as a marksman will have to consider. Remember, it is the speed of the projectile which kills the target, as physics has proved to us that the projected bolt increases its damage with speed. Take as an example a bullet which has been discharged straight into the air….what goes up must come down…thus it is still able to kill if it strikes the animal or human body.

Lets take a look at the crossbow bolts:



These are the bolts you get when you purchase your crossbow…wait! Not so fast! Take a closer look at the tips… These are target tips – not hunting or killing tips. Yes, you can kill a person or animal using these bolts, however its not what they are made for! This goes for all you amature douche bags on Youtube which know absolutely nothing on the art of archery…and common sense! You will need to replace those heads if you want maximum damage and stopping power! The type you can see has screw on tips, so this means that you can replace them with your own set.

In a follow-up post in regards to crossbows, we will introduce our crossbows (pistol crossbows as per image) and show you what they can do. We have changed a few things on them to improve their accuracy and stability (as you probably can see) and will show you the effects of different tips on a target of meat. We will also show the tactical use of crossbows in combat situations. If you want to keep updated on this, follow this blog!

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