Do It Yourself, Fire-Starting Material

The Bud Spencer: Cigarette Filter Napalm

This is a simple yet effective method to create an excellent fuel which is very much similar to napalm. It ignites fast and burns quite long. You will see that we have listed varying ingredients, as a few of them can be substituted – if you cannot find one, then use another. We always like a fallback method, or a plan B. Needless to say, this is highly flammable, so don’t be a jackass. Make note that in larger quantities, you can fashion a superior molotov cocktail from this – we have tried it. This can also be used as a glue, as when dried, it does not ignite – as the fumes of the acetone will neutralise.

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5

You Will Need:
– Acetone. This can either be found at hardware stores, pharmacies and in nail polish remover. When choosing nail polish remover, make sure that it is NOT acetone free. You can also use paint thinners and even petrol/gasoline. We have tried it with all of these, and they all work well, however in this particular tutorial, we will be using nail polish remover.

– Cigarette filters. These can be found anywhere – if you are a smoker, like us, you are in luck. You can also buy packets of these at tobacconists or at grocery stores. Make sure it’s a “fiber” variety and not any modern-day substitutes.

– A mixing tool.

– An airtight container with a lid.

Acetone 1

Step 1:

Pour some acetone into your airtight container. You can use as much as you want, provided that you have ample filters.

Acetone 2

Step 2:

If you are using cigarettes, take the paper off of the filter. Add one filter at a time to the acetone, watching it dissolve as you stir it. Keep on adding filters until it no longer wishes to dissolve, or struggles to dissolve. You will have a strange orange-yellow-cream coloured paste when done.


Step 3:

You’re done! To use, simply apply it to whatever and strike a spark.

Acetone 6

Please make sure that you seal that container when not in use, otherwise it becomes useless. The fumes are not dangerous, provided that you do not huff it the whole time.

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